Our mission is to contribute setting the standards of quiet luxury for individuals and companies who are sensible to the value of elegance and distinction.

Like bespoke jewelry, our creations are subtle and refined insignias of discernment for people on top their game, who care about beauty, singularity and craftsmanship in every detail. This is the Setanta spirit of excellence.

in the ``Me Decade``

SETANTA was established in the late 70’s. A decade of profound societal change, in which people – globally dissatisfied with wars and politics – became more interested in bettering themselves and affirming their uniqueness. In the known as the “Me Decade” a small hand-engraving atelier saw the light in Barcelona’s historic center, where Setanta® has ever since crafted custom-made metal insignias for elegance lovers around the world.


This brand is the result of accumulated depth of knowledge, expertise and know-how.


The idea of luxury crystalized in a bold, yet subtle badge of distinction (...)


When a business card becomes an object of beauty (...) Setanta's creations will leave no one unmoved!


Durability& Loyalty

The purpose of our creations is much more than just passing on email and contact number. At Setanta, we value the importance of making an unforgettable first impression by bringing a premium feel and sophistication to our customers' dawning connections. Each of our creations is unique and entirely tailor-made and - unlike widely distributed paper cards - a metal insignia is handed to select contacts in a gesture symbolizing durability and loyalty.
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