Our Story

Setanta started as a small metal engraving atelier in the historic center of Barcelona in 1977. The first generation of master engravers specialized in the personalization of gold and silver pieces like silverware, jewelry, watches, lighters and fountain pens. We crafted the first custom metal membership cards in 1982 for the Royal Polo Club of Barcelona and have since then developed an exclusive line of identification products to become the world’s leading creator of high quality steel business and membership cards. Our expertise of metal works – built over nearly five decades and coupled to our know-how of cutting-edge engraving techniques – are a guarantee of excellence in every card we produce.

Our process

Our production process involves the human touch at each and every step of the creation. Our cards are made of high grade 304 stainless steel, which guarantees perfection in laser cutting, etching and electroplating and a unique sensation of consistency for whoever holds a Setanta card. Before each order is shipped out of our atelier, each card goes through an exhaustive quality check and is wrapped individually.

Setanta’s jewelers quality finishes, precision etching and laser printing will match your nicest jewelry. Clean and sleek, our cards are works of art, like a fine pair of leather shoes, and they are meant to be saved. A quality product made of Stainless Steel, which is 100% recyclable, more durable, and treasured.

Our Design

To keep offering the best attention and service to each customer, our designers provide complimentary design services to clients who require them*. Our creations are statements of singularity and uniqueness, this is why we don’t believe in templates and treat each order individually to ensure that your business or membership card is as unique as you are.

*Complimentary design services do not include logo creation. For branding and brand strategy services please click here

Exclusive Retailers
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